New name in cards for 2008

Published May 31, 2006

By deciding to not change the team name, uniform and logo for next season, Devil Rays officials will have more time to come up with something different for 2008.

"There will be a change for the 2008 season," team president Matt Silverman said Tuesday at a Tropicana Field media conference. "It could be subtle. It could be just a change to the logo or the uniforms themselves. But we're going to leave open the possibility for more dramatic changes."

The Rays had come up with a short list of possibilities but decided they were not ready to meet Major League Baseball's deadline of May 31 in the season preceding the change.

"You don't get the opportunity very often to change the name of a team, so when you do you want to make sure that you do it right and give it the proper time and research necessary," Silverman said.

"A lot of ingredients go into making that decision. We do a lot of work internally. We employ consultants from the outside to help us. And we also try to get the reaction of our fans. And some of our non-fans as we try to reach out to a very broad part of the Tampa Bay market place.

"Our fans are very passionate about the name. Whether it's to change it or not to change it and it's important to get their input into the conversation as we go forward. It's not something you can rush."

Silverman said the Rays could announce the new name, and introduce the new uniforms, colors, logo - and merchandise - by the end of the 2007 season.