Dear, old Dad

Published June 3, 2006

In our politically correct world, there's still one clean target remaining, one person you can ridicule without fear of reprisal:


Never mind that in real life Dad is often a bright, hard-working guy. In the popular culture he's an irredeemable doofus. In sitcoms and commercials, Dad is an emotional and intellectual cipher who understands what's happening only after an 8-year-old explains it to him.

Let's have some fun with the old guy, as long as everybody else is. Take a look at this drawing of Dad about to drop into the half-pipe. Now, imagine what the kid on the cell phone might be saying.

Write your funniest caption and send it by e-mail to jbarry@sptimes.com or by regular mail to Father's Day Caption Contest, Floridian, St. Petersburg Times, 490 First Ave. S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Please include your name and telephone number and the city in which you live.

The deadline is Monday, June 12.

We'll run the best entries on Father's Day. The winner will receive a T-shirt that shows a monkey evolving - or perhaps devolving - into Homer Simpson.

Whoever wins will have to explain the T-shirt to Dad.

- MIKE WILSON, assistant managing editor/Newsfeatures