Money Panel: Curtis Flynn

Flynn is 57 and works at a collection agency in St. Petersburg.

Published June 4, 2006

How did you get started in investing?

IRAs. That was back in the late '80s. It was a mutual fund.

What is your best investment?

A combination of some mutual funds or blue-chip stocks.

What is your worst investment?

It was probably some tech stocks - Nortel.

What have you learned about investing that you think all investors should know?

They should do some research, try to form their own opinions, know when to get in and get out - set some entry and exit points. Don't let emotions rule your decisions.

How would you describe your approach to investing?

I am moderately aggressive. I'm looking to retire between 60 and 62 and am trying to position my investments for growth during my retirement.

What do you find the most difficult about investing?

Trying to find the right investment. Investment (opportunities) are up and down. They change frequently. They're not as clear as they were in the '90s.

How are you invested?

Probably 75 percent equities and 25 percent fixed: bonds and money markets.

What changes have you made in your investments in the past year?

I have looked into some professionally managed funds: mutual funds or ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

How did you make those changes?

I took some of my large-cap stocks that were kind of flat and moved into those type of things. I've also gotten a little more aggressive on Internet trading.

Do you think now is a good time to invest?

I always think it's a good time. You make money whether the market goes up or down. You make it on the move.

What is your goal for your investment?

Retirement is the answer. Probably $2-million by 2010. If I don't make it, I'll be working longer.

What is your biggest money concern?


Where do you get your investment tips?

The Wall Street Journal, some of the Internet sites, the newspaper. I listen to some of the PBS stations for their investment shows.

- FRED W. WRIGHT JR., Times correspondent