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Published June 22, 2006

Best Buy considers selling full Apple computer line

Best Buy Co. Inc. is taking a little nibble of Apple computers. The nation's largest consumer electronics retailer is testing the possibility of selling Apple Computer Inc.'s full line of computers in its stores. Currently, Best Buy carries only Apple's iPod music player and accessories. Best Buy has added Apple computers in seven stores and it's considering expanding Mac sales across the chain, Best Buy Senior vice president for merchandising David Morrish said at the company's annual meeting Wednesday. Best Buy stopped selling Apple computers in 1998 because of slow sales, and soon after Apple pulled out of most retailers. It later rebuilt its retail operation by opening its own stores.

What can 'brown' do for you? Use less fuel

Recognize that familiar United Parcel Service truck with the trademark brown paint job? Look twice. The government unveiled its model Wednesday, with a new hybrid hydraulic system. The new system replaces a truck's transmission with hydraulics, and that, combined with a low-emission diesel engine, yields a 60 to 70 percent saving on fuel use. It was built for the EPA by Cleveland-based Eaton Corp. The EPA estimates that UPS will take less than three years to recover the $7,000 cost of outfitting its trucks with the new hydraulic system by saving money on fuel and by reducing brake wear.

NY Times will do business on its business front

The New York Times plans to start running ads on the front page of its business section starting in July, a spokeswoman said Wednesday. The ad would run below the fold of the front page. She said it wasn't yet clear how frequently the ad would run. The Times reported news of the new ad in its Wednesday editions, quoting executive editor Bill Keller as he made a presentation to newsroom staff.

Other chatter

PEPSI MAKES NHL TEAM: PepsiCo is teaming up with the National Hockey League. The soft drink and snack maker is replacing rival Coca-Cola as an NHL sponsor, according to a news release from Pepsi and the NHL. The terms of the multiyear deal were not disclosed. Coke, which has been a sponsor since 1989, wanted out of the deal.

JETBLUE BOOSTS BERMUDA ARRIVALS: New flights and a new airline have produced an increase in the number of arrivals to Bermuda International Airport, officials said. Overall arrivals were up 6 percent, or about 4,000 people, and arrivals from New York rose 26 percent last month, Airport general manager James Howes said. The increases coincide with the introduction of New York flights by low-cost carrier JetBlue Airways and new flights to London by British Airways.

Information from the Associated Press and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was used in this report.