Gotta minute Tim Corcoran

Published June 25, 2006

Best meal you can fix?

Probably barbecued pork fingers. That's what we call them. They're kinda like riblets, I guess. I live with my brother in the offseason, and we eat a lot of barbecue.

In addition to your celebrity impressions, which Rays player can you best mimic?

Probably (Jorge) Cantu's batting stance and his home run trot. It's kinda tough to describe. I'd say it's methodical.

Favorite TV show?

I watch more CNBC than anything else.

Favorite late-night snack?

Yogurt. Blueberry yogurt.

Dream date?

I like dark hair, but I just saw that Jennifer Aniston movie (The Break-Up). I wouldn't mind talking to her for an evening.