Missing N.H. boy, mom may be here

Published June 25, 2006

CANTERBURY, N.H. - A missing New Hampshire boy and his mother, who disappeared with a 16-year-old boy just over a week ago, have been spotted in the Tampa Bay area, police said Saturday.

At least two witnesses reported seeing 8-year-old Brennan Malone with his mother, Jennifer Malone, 32, and Christopher Cole, 16.

Canterbury police Chief Gwen Deurell said Saturday she believes these are solid leads that place them in the Tampa Bay area late Friday.

Malone's minivan was discovered early Friday in Clearwater, without its license plates. Police say it appears Jennifer Malone is using the New Hampshire plates on a purple Chevrolet Cavalier and a white Chevrolet Camaro.

Also Friday, Deurell said a friend of Jennifer Malone's turned over two letters she'd received, apparently mailed from Knoxville, Tenn., on June 20.

"It said, 'I'm sure you know everything by now,' " Noreen Keifer of Canterbury told the Telegraph of Nashua. "Could you please take care of Rod and Logan, and I will contact you when things calm down," Keifer continued.

The note was signed, "I love you, Jay," Jennifer Malone's nickname.

Malone has not been charged with any crime, but is being investigated by the state Division of Children, Youth and Families over allegations that she was having a relationship with a minor student she met at a school where she worked as a counselor.

Malone was fired from her job at Mount Prospect Academy in Plymouth in mid May after someone found her and Cole together at her home and called police, Jennifer Malone's husband, Rodney Malone, said.

Police did not file charges at that time because Cole was legally of age, but the incident triggered a state investigation to examine her relationship with Cole at the school, he said.

Malone, Brennan and Cole apparently disappeared hours after investigators called and requested she show up for an interview Monday.

Police say Brennan Malone was last seen June 16 when his mother picked him up early from Canterbury Elementary School. She said he had a dental appointment.

Rodney Malone discovered his wife and son were missing when she didn't show up for work that day; he also noticed their bank account was drained. The couple's older son, who is 10, is with his father.