Bush signs drug pedigree bill

Published June 28, 2006

TALLAHASSEE - Gov. Jeb Bush Tuesday signed a legislative measure designed to continue the direct shipment of prescription drugs from manufacturers to patients.

Bush said a provision in a 2003 law that kicks in July 1 would otherwise hamper the ability of pharmaceutical companies to do that.

That law requires a paper trail, known as a pedigree, to ensure that drugs are not altered as they wend their way from manufacturers, to wholesalers, to retailers, to the end user. It was passed in response to a statewide grand jury's finding that many consumers were getting counterfeit or outdated drugs.

Direct-shipped drugs initially were exempt from the pedigree requirement. That was due to change July 1, but the bill signed by Bush will continue the exemption.

Bush also signed a bill that will prohibit increased property tax assessments on homes damaged or destroyed by hurricanes after they are repaired or replaced, unless they exceed 110 percent of their original square footage and total more than 1,500 square feet.

He vetoed bills would have delayed a requirement to install sprinkler systems in older, multistory condominiums and reduced state oversight of discount medical plans.

The condominium bill would have delayed the sprinkler installation requirement from 2014 until 2025.

"We might as well just eliminate the requirement," Bush said. "That doesn't make sense."

He also wrote that it doesn't make sense to reduce consumer protections for medical plans that allow uninsured families to get discounted medical services for a monthly fee.