Survey gives residents a say

Published July 5, 2006

PINELLAS PARK - If you've ever felt like giving your elected officials a piece of your mind, now's the time.

Pinellas Park kicked off its annual survey Saturday and will take opinions through Aug. 31.

The goal of the survey is to let city officials know what issues and services residents consider important or problematic. City staff then use that information when creating the budget and Pinellas Park's work plan.

"It helps set the program," said Bob Bray, the city's planning director. "It's helping us learn a little bit about what's desired out there."

For example, a past survey showed taxpayers wanted a solution to drainage problems. The city responded by placing those repairs at the head of the list. Currently, Pinellas Park is spending millions, in partnership with Pinellas County and the state, to improve drainage along Park Boulevard.

Pinellas Park has been surveying its residents since 1976. At first, the surveys were performed every five years, but about six years ago they became an annual event.

Those who take the survey can expect to see questions about affordable housing and what form it should take.

If you're interested

Pinellas Park residents who want to take the community survey can do so by computer or on paper. To take it by computer, go to www.pinellas-park.com and follow the links. To get a paper copy, call 541-0704. The survey is available through Aug. 31.