Boy, 10, charged with auto burglary

By Times Staff
Published July 14, 2006

NEW PORT RICHEY - A 10-year-old boy released last week after three days in juvenile detention is right back where he started.

The boy was charged Tuesday with auto burglary after breaking into another neighbor's car, according to a police report.

A New Port Richey Police Department officer patted him down and found brass knuckles in his jean shorts, his mother said. The boy was then charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

The boy was in juvenile detention last week on an armed burglary charge. According to police reports, on July 4 he stole a knife from a neighbor's car. At the mother's insistence, the judge ordered him to stay in the detention center for 21 days, but he was released after three.

His mother told the St. Petersburg Times the boy has beaten her since he was 6 and she believed having him arrested was the only option left. She said she loved him, but thought since he was acting like an adult he needed to be treated like one.