Accused of DUI, officer resigns

Pinellas Park Officer Jason M. Nosal was charged after a July 5 incident involving a woman's driveway, a Largo police officer and a Taser.

Published July 28, 2006

PINELLAS PARK - A Pinellas Park police officer who was Tasered by a Largo police officer resigned Wednesday, the same day he was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Officer Jason M. Nosal and his attorney appeared at the Largo Police Department Wednesday evening, where he surrendered his driver's license and formally received a misdemeanor DUI citation. He will appear in court Aug. 15.

The charge stems from a July 5 incident in which a woman called police saying a man had followed her home and was passed out in his car in her driveway, according to Largo police.

Largo police used a Taser on Nosal after he woke up flailing, police said. Largo officials said they didn't initially cite him because they were waiting for the results of a blood test taken at the hospital where Nosal was taken after he was Tasered.

The results, which came back Wednesday, showed Nosal's blood alcohol level was 0.220 to 0.222 percent. In Florida, 0.08 percent is the level at which a person is presumed to be impaired. The tests also found traces of MDA and MDMA, or ecstasy, an illegal drug that is both a stimulant and a psychedelic, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. MDA is the parent drug of MDMA.

Pinellas Park police Chief Dorene Thomas called the situation disappointing. Nosal was a good officer but faced termination because of the incident, she said.

Nosal denied taking any drugs, implying that they had been slipped to him, Thomas said.

Largo police declined to release their incident report, saying the case was still being investigated. But Capt. James Precious , the patrol division commander, provided more details:

The incident began a little after 8 p.m., when a woman called 911. She told dispatchers that someone had followed her home and pulled into her driveway behind her. The car, she said, was still in her driveway with someone in it.

Two officers went to the woman's house on Cork Street and found the car with its engine still running and the windows down, a man slumped in the driver's seat, Precious said.

"The officer sees that this guy is not sleeping, but passed out," Precious said. One of the officers reached into the car to turn off the engine and apparently jostled the man, who woke up and started "flailing his arms."

The officer thought the man was trying to put the car in drive and the car began to move, Precious said. The officer, fearing he would be dragged away, shot the man with his Taser.

Police then stopped the car and pulled the man out.

After they had handcuffed him and turned him over, one of the officers recognized him as a Pinellas Park police officer.

Because he was "clearly under the influence of something," the officers called paramedics, who suggested Nosal be taken to a hospital, Precious said. Officers followed him to Largo Medical Center, where the doctor drew blood and decided he should be admitted. Police later obtained a warrant for his blood.