Oldsmar library to get extra $1.75M

The City Council agrees to put a few other projects on hold next year to increase the budget for the new library. A builder has not been found.

Published July 29, 2006

OLDSMAR - At Tuesday's budget workshop, City Manager Bruce Haddock showed the council what he had been working on since lunchtime.

The single sheet of paper was titled, "Additional Funding for New Library." Haddock presented the council with a list of items in the $29-million budget for fiscal year 2006-07 that he thought could be postponed a year.

Stemming from the realization that the $3.2-million budgeted for a new library isn't going to be enough, the goal was to hold off on enough projects in order to increase the budget for the new library.

"I definitely think we should build a library," Haddock said. "I don't question that."

But he did question the need to hire three additional firefighters next year (at a cost of $180,000) and construction on Hayes Road ($600,000).

The council stuck with the firefighters and postponed the Hayes Road project.

The council also agreed to hold off on planning, architecture and design of a City Hall addition ($350,000) and the historic Oldsmar Bank, home of the current library ($200,000).

In all, Haddock and the council found $1.75-million to add to the library fund.

The City Council last week voted to reject the sole construction bid for the project, which came in at $5.9-million, and authorized Haddock to re-advertise the contract with some modifications.

The lone bid was made by Construction Technology Group Inc.

The new library will be built on the southeast corner of St. Petersburg Drive and Dartmouth Avenue. It will replace the current one on State Street.