Administrator rents apartment in county

County commissioners agreed to waive the residency requirement in Gary Kuhl's contract but later learned state law requires he live in the county.

Published August 17, 2006

BROOKSVILLE - Hernando County Administrator Gary Kuhl lives here now. He and his wife rented a two-bedroom apartment near Brooksville.

"We had a new bed delivered today," Kuhl said Tuesday.

Whether Kuhl would move gave rise recently to one of the county's most memorable gaffes. When Kuhl signed on in March, he had six months to move here from Citrus County, 6 miles north of the county line.

On Aug. 1, he asked the County Commission to excuse him from the contract requirement. Kuhl and his family spent 13 years in their lakefront Floral City home.

He didn't think he'd be able to afford anything comparable in today's market and couldn't afford to spring for a second home here, either. And he really didn't want to sell.

The commission reluctantly agreed, only to find out later that afternoon that Florida law requires Kuhl to live in the county he serves.

Kuhl quickly found a place. He's even looking on the bright side. The apartment puts his wife a few miles closer to classes she's taking in New Port Richey.

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