Q&A: Central running back DuJuan Harris

Published August 25, 2006

Times staff writer David Murphy sat down with the senior to talk about running backs, Grandma’s ribs and Batman on the gridiron.

Times: What’s your favorite CD?

DJ: I like to mix it up. DMX. Pastor Troy.

Times: What about your favorite movie?

DJ: I have three favorites: Any Given Sunday, Ali and Gladiator.

Times: What character from Gladiator would you want to be?

DJ: Maximus. He’s the rawest one.

Times: Who’s your favorite running back?

DJ: Of all time? Barry Sanders. Present time? Clinton Portis.

Times: Why do you like Barry Sanders?

DJ: He was small. He was quick. He was untouchable.

Times: Favorite actor?

DJ: Jamie Foxx.

Times: Your nickname is Fox. How did that come about?

DJ: I was born with red hair. Ever since, people have been making rumors about me, saying I got my nickname because I am fast or quick. But it’s because I was born with red hair.

Times: Favorite food?

DJ: Ribs.

Times: Who has the best ribs in Brooksville?

DJ: Grandma.

Times: Good answer. What side dish do you like?

DJ: I like some baked beans with bacon.

Times: Favorite super hero?

DJ: Batman.

Times: If Batman played football, what position would he play?

DJ: Batman was slow. Well, he had a little speed, but not too much. He wasn’t big enough for linebacker, but he’s a power guy. I’d put him at free safety. Yeah. Batman’s a free safety.