Q&A: Hernando running back Robert Smith

Published August 25, 2006

Times staff writer David Murphy sat down with the senior to talk about Wendy’s, the Seminoles and the sweet sound of silence.

Times: What do you like to listen to before a game?

RS: Silence.

Times: Silence? Is he a rapper?

RS: No. I mean I just like silence. I like to be able to hear everything. Before we go out on the field, I like to have silence. That way I can hear everybody out there. That’s really what gets me crunk. The last voices I hear before we go out on the field are usually my teammates.

Times: What’s your favorite part about playing on Friday nights?

RS: Getting to put to work what I’ve been practicing all week.

Times: Favorite movie?

RS: I don’t have one.

Times: What do you watch on TV?

RS: TV? I try not to watch TV.

Times: So what do you do?

RS: I’m very active. So if I’m not at my house, I’m usually playing basketball or something. I try to stay out of the house.

Times: Do you have a job?

RS: Yeah, I work at Wendy’s.

Times: What’s your favorite Wendy’s combo meal?

RS: The 10 piece.

Times: Who’s your favorite running back?

RS: (San Diego Chargers’ LaDainian) Tomlinson.

Times: Where do you see yourself at this point in time next year?

RS: Hopefully at a college.

Times: What’s your dream college?

RS: If I had a pick, Florida State.

Times: So you’re a ’Noles fan?

RS: Yeah, it’s kind of always been instilled in me.

Times: There’s a lot of Gators fans around here. …

RS: I know. My uncle (track star John Capel) played for the Gators.

Times: You ever race him?

RS: I tried to. He burnt me. But I tried.