Q&A: Springstead running back Victor Schick

Published August 25, 2006

Times staff writer Vincent Thomas kicked it with the senior about part-time jobs, his time to shine and shedding tears.

Times: I used to see you all the time at my neighborhood Publix. You still work there?

VS: Not anymore. I stopped working because of football. I just wanted to focus 100 percent on football. You know, it’s my senior year and my team needs me.

Times: Last year I noticed a lot of kids had part-time jobs. I always thought it would be really tough to juggle work and a varsity sport. Did the Publix gig really take away a lot of time you could have spent on football?

VS: Not necessarily. I knew it was going to be complicated, you know, seeing how my work schedule would intertwine with football. So I just decided to focus this year. Me not being there doesn’t help my team much.

Times: Coach Bill Vonada said you were really committed this summer. Do you think your work ethic was any different this summer?

VS: I wouldn’t say that. But, I’m a senior. All seniors step it up. That’s our role.

Times: How much are you looking forward to getting the ball more this season?

VS: I love the fact that I’m going to be getting more carries. I like the fact of my teammates needing and trusting me. It makes me feel on top of world.

Times: What’s unique about this year’s team?

VS: We’re a lot closer. I’ve bled and cried with these guys, sweated with them. Put in some really hard hours.

Times: You cried with them?

VS: Yeah, after hard times …you know, losing playoff games, losing games we could’ve played harder in.

Times: Did you cry after the playoff loss at New Smyrna Beach?

VS: I got teary-eyed. I’m not going to lie.

Times: Any player stand out in the county?

VS: Of course, (Central running back) DuJuan Harris. I’ve seen him during weightlifting, track …everybody in this county knows he’s an athlete.