Your hurricane kit

Published August 28, 2006


Here are some basic items you'll need to stock your hurricane kit.

Health and safety

Flashlight and batteries for each person in your household.

First aid kit with bandages, antiseptic, tape, compresses, pain reliever, antidiarrhea medication, antacid.

Medications for routine illnesses such as colds.

Liquid soap, hand sanitizer, wet wipes.

Water purification kit.

Two-week supply of vitamins, over-the-counter medications and prescription medicines.

Fire extinguisher.

Carbon-monoxide detector.

Battery-powered clock.

Infant necessities: medicine, diapers, formula, bottles, wipes.

Supplies for the elderly or the ill: Depends, bed pads, medications, special foods.


Cleaning supplies: mop, bucket, towels, disinfectant.

Camera or camcorder to record property and document damage for insurance claims.

Plastic trash bags.

If you evacuate

Pillows, blankets, sleeping bags or air mattresses.

Folding chairs or cots.

Extra clothing and shoes.

Personal hygiene items: toothbrush, washcloth, deodorant, etc.

Food and water.

Earplugs. Shelters can be noisy, and someone sleeping near you may snore.

Prescription medications in their original containers. Shelters are not hospitals and do not have access to drugs or medicine. Bring what you need.

Books, handheld games, cards, toys, needlework, iPod.

Be sure you have

Cash. If the power goes out, ATMs will not work and credit card networks will be down.


Paperwork: insurance policy, identification, home inventory, medical insurance card.

Cell phone charger for your car.

A land-line phone that plugs into the wall, not wireless.

A full tank of gas.