Life changes

Published September 7, 2006

One day's tragedy is still unfolding

On 9/11 innocent lives were extinguished with brutality beyond comprehension.

Like millions of others, I bought a flag and did a lot more praying. It made me more aware of how fragile life is and that every goodbye said to a loved one could be the last one.

Amid my shock and horror on that fateful day I also thought of my daughter and her husband - both U.S. Army sergeants.

When my son-in-law is deployed this fall to Afghanistan, my daughter and her two babies will be fending for themselves for nearly two years in the fatherless household that is forced upon them.

I wonder how many people truly empathize with the thousands of young military families being ripped apart, many permanently, in response to this single day of infamy.

For me the pain of 9/11 won't end until all of our loved ones are back home with their families.

-- Christine Jamesson, Clearwater