History adds clouds of doubt for future

Published September 8, 2006

It should be easy to describe how 9/11 changed me.

But it isn't.

When it happened, I was in shock, just like everyone else.

But then, the sinking, horrid, acrid feeling filled my gut and I thought to myself, "What is happening here?"

Well, I thought that same way back when the Vietnam War occurred.

And I have thought that way when many other sickening events have happened throughout the world.

So 9/11? Well, it was just another horrid event which we the people of the world would witness and cry aloud about; another horrendous, inhumane act of people vs. people - life vs. life - that would churn one's stomach and make us aware that God created people, but not perfect people.

It has changed me, there is no doubt about that.

The thought of the dying and terrified people in the twin towers and on planes is something so unreal that it is hard to imagine. But even more, I cannot fathom humanity hating fellow humans so much as to go to such extremes as what the terrorists did to our people. And if you think about it, to their own people, on that fateful day.

The hateful, antagonistic brainwashing that the terrorists induced upon their own citizens when they put them in a position of dying (via suicide bombing) in order to cause death is unconscionable to reasonable peoples of this world. My vision of the world has changed. I was not alive during Hitler's reign, but I must say, this is probably the closest thing to that regime that I can ever imagine.

I can only hope that nothing so drastic and hideous happens again ... anywhere in the world. We are a people of a higher power. We should know better than this. And I am still appalled at the absolute negligence and horror of this day. ... Will it happen again? I would not be surprised. And that makes me very, very sick and saddened.

- ROSEMARY L. MURRAY, St. Petersburg