Published September 10, 2006

Woman jailed after police find dead baby in dresser

LARGO - Police charged a Largo woman with second-degree murder Saturday after they discovered the body of her newborn baby hidden in a dresser.

Robin Farley, 32 , of 368 Fifth St. NW was taken to the Pinellas County Jail on Saturday after being released from a local hospital, according to Sgt. Ed Sohoski of the Largo Police Department investigations division.

Sohoski said police received a call a little after 10 p.m. Friday from an unidentified woman who said a friend had just given birth and needed medical help.

Paramedics arrived at the house first and spoke with a woman who was later discovered to be Farley. The woman cracked the door and assured paramedics she had not been pregnant and had not given birth.

Police later went back to the house and a man answered. Officers asked to speak with the woman. This time, the door opened enough that they could see she had been bleeding. The police called the paramedics and searched the house, Sohoski said.

They found a baby "concealed in a bedroom dresser cabinet," he said.

Farley was taken to the hospital and, Saturday morning, officers determined that the child was full-term and had been born alive.

A cause of death has not been determined, Sohoski said, and the investigation is continuing.

Man escapes Hernando jail, but he doesn't get far

BROOKSVILLE - A man charged with aggravated assault escaped from the Hernando County Jail Saturday afternoon but was caught 10 minutes later by sheriff's deputies less than 2 miles away.

A little after 3 p.m., Erick L. Batta, 22, of Brooksville, climbed a wall of the jail's recreation area with the help of three other inmates.

About 10 minutes later, he hopped a fence and was just about to cross California Street and Powell Road when police met him near the intersection. Seeing them, Batta got down on his knees, was handcuffed and taken back to the jail.