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By Times Staff
Published September 13, 2006

Jews, Muslims get two ways to celebrate holidays together

Sound the shofar! Start the fast! For the second year in a row, Jews and Muslims will celebrate their holiest months at the same time. About every 30 years, the celebrations coincide, this time for three years in a row. Tishri, in which Jews observe Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, and Ramadan, in which Muslims fast during daylight hours, begin next week. But first, the two faiths will celebrate together. Serving the One, a bay area group of Jews, Muslims and Christians, will commemorate the confluence of holidays at 4 p.m. Sunday in St. Petersburg's Straub Park. For more information, visit www.servingtheone.org.

Bishop says to drop that blog and chat with God instead

Bishop John B. Lipscomb has called for a 40-day fast - a blog fast. Lipscomb, who heads the 17,000-member Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida, was co-convener of a meeting in New York this week during which bishops discussed issues roiling the church. But before he left, Lipscomb was upset that bloggers had set off mass speculation about the meeting. In the September issue of The Southern Cross, the diocese's magazine, Lipscomb called for a "Sabbath rest" from blog reading. He suggested spending the time on prayer "and allow God's Holy Spirit to guide the church through these difficult times."


Karla Stahl was the top bidder for Ernest Hooper's charity auction package at Saturday's MaSquerade fundraiser for multiple sclerosis. Hooper's column Tuesday had an incorrect first name.