Four hospitalized after car crashes into wall

Published September 14, 2006

TAMPA - Three Alonso High School students and a friend were taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon after one of the teens crashed into a wall while trying to drive around a curve, authorities said.

Johan Camacho, 17, of 12433 Cardriff Drive, was driving eastbound on Monterey Boulevard, near Queensland Lane, when he crashed, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said. He and his three passengers were taken to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital.

Deputies said Camacho was listed in serious condition. Passenger Sheila Melendez, 15, of 10202 Bonnie Bay Court, was listed in critical condition. Joshua Medina, 15, with an unknown address, was listed in serious condition.

And Ghislaine Murillo, 14, of 5402 Ginger Cove Drive, Apartment A, was listed in critical condition. Deputies said Ghislaine does not attend school.