Daily fishing report

Published September 17, 2006

Craig Lahr and five men from Georgia made an all-day trip Friday, catching limits of grouper and snapper. The target was big amberjack, but two shipwrecks in 110 feet of water produced none. We had large live whitebait and chum blocks, still we could not get the amberjack to feed.

So we worked an area west of John's Pass in 113 feet of water that produced red grouper. The average fish was more than 10 pounds, with over 18 pounds. Barracuda were eating the groupers, though after they got full they left the fish alone. The grouper ate frozen sardines and live pinfish.

At 85 feet, we downsized the tackle to 30 pounds for mangrove snapper and 15 pounds for yellowtail snapper. The mangrove snapper were caught using 40-pound leaders with double No. 5 hooks. The mangrove snapper also preferred the live whitebait to the frozen sardines. The yellowtail snapper were caught using small pieces of sardine and a double porgy rig. The yellowtail were in about 50 feet and were 2 to 3 pounds.

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