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Letters to the Editor
Published September 17, 2006

Wie not helping herself

I do not know what Michelle Wie is trying to prove. She continues to make a fool of herself every time she tries to compete in a men's tournament. She is a talented golfer for her age. But there are countless young golfers who can hit a ball as far as she can and probably can putt better. She should stay in her own league and win some tournaments there.

Michael Maksymicz

Beverly Hills


crawford iffy in field ...

When are we going to realize that Carl Crawford is just an okay leftfielder? The announcers talk about how, if he played in the New York market, he would get the attention he deserves. Well, he played in New York last week, where everybody had a chance to see his skills, and what did he do? He let a fly ball drop between him and Rocco Baldelli. He misjudged another ball that went over his head for a double. He let another fly ball bounce out of his glove for a double that scored two runs to tie the score.

Crawford is a very good player and I enjoy watching him and the rest of the Rays play. But I'm tired of the hype without the objectivity. He still makes too many bad plays to be considered an All-Star outfielder.

Lyle Minnick

Spring Hill


... but worth push

Rays ownership has not adequately promoted Carl Crawford, locally or nationally. Crawford is the best player the Rays have and should be plastered all over Tampa Bay area billboards. The Rays could also have an All-Star voting party to stuff ballots for Crawford, like many teams have done. Give Crawford his due.

Danny Di Nicolantonio

St. Petersburg