Here's why Ocean Spray is blushing

Published September 18, 2006

A few Ocean Spray customers noticed this year that its 100% Juice White Grapefruit drink looked a little more colorful than usual.

They weren't imagining things.

Ocean Spray attacked the problem directly when it began printing on the bottle's back label, "We're not embarrassed to tell you exactly why we're blushing."

The label continues, "We're rosier than usual, and here's why." Hurricanes that hit Florida, the label says, damaged the white grapefruit harvest, which is at historic lows. So Ocean Spray had to blend its white grapefruit drink with a touch of pink grapefruit juice to keep the drink available.

Ocean Spray spokeswoman Sharon Newcomb said customers don't miss much. Some asked, "Is there something wrong with it?" Newcomb said. "Once we explain it, they understand."