Busy with Izzy

Published September 24, 2006


(NOTE: Some of these answers are circa 1992.)

Dream date? My wife, Robyn, of course. I know it's 1992 and I won't meet my wife until 1998. Who came up with these questions?

Favorite music group? Today I'd have to say Public Enemy.

Key to getting the interception? Being in the right place at the right time.

Best show on TV? It used to be Seinfeld, but now MTV has this new show called the Real World where seven strangers are picked to...

Toughest receiver to cover in Pasco County? (Back to present day.) Develin Robinson.

What's better, an interception or a sack? (Back to '92) Duh, an interception. Look at Deion Sanders and how he races down the sideline, dancing in the end zone when he picks one off for the Atlanta Falcons. (Man, I'm old.)

PC or MAC? Macs are dead. What is this the 1980s? I'm all about PCs since my Apple IIe caught fire.

Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo? Sega Genesis, hands down. Its sports games are incredibly lifelike.

Best class I took in high school? Gym. No question. It's the only class you get to have fun.

Worst class? Anything with numbers.

Funniest assistant at LOL? (Back to '06). Hmmm. I'll go with John Benedetto since he's the one I know the best.

Best-looking guy on the team? Hey, Coach, throw me a jersey!

The fastest guy at LOL? Develin's got the fastest mouth. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Best Weatherford? Joe, as long as he keeps me up-to-date with his college plans.

Favorite food? Whatever's on my plate.

Last book you read? Best American Sports Writing.

Who's got the best nickname at LOL? I like that Behind the Scenes guy.

My Pasco County Fantasy picks? 1. Byronell Arline; 2. Joe Weatherford (I'm not on LOL); 3. Develin Robinson.

Pictured are Land O'Lakes' interception leaders: Cameron Harris (four), Brad Patton (four) and Develin Robinson (two). The other guy is Times staff writer Izzy Gould, who has one career interception for roughly 50 yards. The Gators had 13 interceptions before Friday's game against Pasco. So this was our first attempt at what my boss calls "Busy with Izzy," which features some of the standouts in Pasco County. We tried to take a picture with footballs raining down in front of us - we actually used 13 footballs - but that didn't work too well. So we went to these individual shots. And the coaches weren't too happy about us exposing their defensive studs, fearing the publicity might jinx them for the remainder of the year. Well, if you do a good thing, you get noticed.


Toughest receiver to cover in Pasco County? I don't think I've faced him yet. If you're talking Land O'Lakes it would either be Develin (Robinson) or (Dontarrius Thomas).

Best hands of the three of you? Probably Develin.

What's better, an interception or a sack? An INT. With a sack you just tackle a guy. With an interception you have a chance to run it back and do whatever.

What's the key to an interception? Instincts, reading the quarterback.

Got a dream date? Angelina Jolie.

Favorite musical group? Taking Back Sunday.

Best television show? The Office

PC or a MAC? PC.

PlayStation or Xbox? Xbox.

Best class at Land O'Lakes? Cooking.

Worst class? Algebra II, probably.

Funniest assistant coach? Bill Gebauer. Ever time he calls my name he doesn't say, "Harris," he says, "Hurris."

Best-looking guy on the team? Me.

Fastest guy on the team? Earl Tucker. He doesn't run, he glides.

Best Weatherford? Andrew. He probably has the most heart in the game.

Favorite food? Calzone. You could pack it with anything.

Favorite book you've read? (Thinking out loud.) I read it this year. (Still thinking.) Red Badge of Courage.

Best nickname on the team? Develin. He goes by D-Rob.

Give me your top three fantasy football picks - not on Land O'Lakes - from Pasco County: 1. Mario Melvin; 2. Alton Voss; 3. I don't know anymore.

BRAD PATTON, SR., 6-0, 197

Toughest receiver to cover in Pasco County? I honestly can't cover Dontarrius Thomas. He's so agile and quick off the ball. He always gives me trouble in practice.

What's better, an interception or a sack? An interception. You turn the ball over and completely stop their momentum. We have the ball.

Key to the interception? Anticipation. Watching game film and knowing what their tendencies are.

Dream date? I'd have to go with Jessica Simpson.

Favorite musician? Lil Wayne. I just like listening to him.

Best TV show? The Simpsons, an all-time classic. (Has that been on your entire life?) Yes, I believe it has, and longer.

PC or MAC? PC.

PlayStation or Xbox? PlayStation.

The best class at LOL? I don't want to say weightlifting. (This is your chance to get an A). I'll go with Algebra II.

Worst class at LOL? Just English. I don't like English at all. I don't have the patience for reading. I'm good at math, but English, I can't sit down and read a book for an hour.

Funniest assistant? We have some good coaches. They're all funny. I'll probably give it to Coach Rock (Ridgeway). He's just fun to talk to.

Best-looking guy on the team? What did Cameron say? Develin thinks he's the best-looking guy on the team.

Who is the fastest guy on the team? I'd probably say Develin.

Best Weatherford? Is that really a question? Drew. He's a good team leader. I remember watching him when I was in eighth grade. He always comes to spring football at Land O'Lakes and teaches us.

Favorite food? Chicken Alfredo pasta.

Last book you've read? Oh, I know this. I think it was called Bleachers. I can't remember. I read it last year.

Best nickname? D-Rob (Develin Robinson).

Your Pasco County Fantasy Football picks? 1. Byronell Arline; 2. Alton Voss; 3. Mario Melvin.


Dream date? (Starts laughing.) Whoo! Stacey Dash. She was in Clueless.

Favorite musician? Lil Wayne.

Key to an interception? It's the quarterback's eyes. As I see pass routes develop in front of me I try to beat them to the spot.

Best TV show? I don't watch too much TV, so I have to say the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Toughest receiver to cover? They're all hard to beat. I don't disrespect anybody.

Best hands out of you three? Come on now, what kind of question is that (laughing). Me, of course.

What's better, an interception or a sack? An interception. You turn into an offensive player. You can change the game and score big time with an interception.

PlayStation or Xbox? I used to like PlayStation, but I've been playing Xbox a lot lately.

Best class you've taken at LOL? I would have to say my speech class. It helps you with proper ways to speak and preparing me for interviews like this.

Worst class at LOL? Child development. It's like a girl class and I was the only boy in there. (Sounds like a dream come true to me.) It could be but every girl on the class would jump on anything you say, so there's no way you could win.

Funniest assistant? (Tom) Carter. He says bad things to you, but you can't do anything but laugh.

Best-looking guy on the team? (Laughing, again). If we're going by what the girls say then we'd have to say I am. But Joe (Weatherford) and Brad (Patton) are pretty good-looking.

Who's the fastest on the team? It's between me and Dontarrius.

Best Weatherford? Jackie, the oldest sister. She's cool to hang out with. She's funny.

Who's got the best nickname? I think Kyle Pitcock, I call him Behind the Scenes. He's real quiet and he doesn't get a lot of respect, but he does a lot of big things.

Give me you Pasco County Fantasy Football picks, no one from LOL: 1. Alton Voss, 2. Mario Melvin; 3. Vince Chalecki.