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Letters to the Editor
Published September 24, 2006

Rays owners should find a 'good' mantra

John Tortorella took a phrase from a popular, bestselling book and turned it into a mantra for the Lightning: "Good is the enemy of great." Devil Rays ownership should take the same phrase and change it to fit its "plan": "Good is the enemy of horrible."

Frank Ferreri

New Port Richey

Bucs choose poorly for interior design

The new Tampa Bay Buccaneers headquarters is very impressive. However, I was disappointed to read that the interior architectural firm selected for the project did not come from the Tampa Bay area, home to many fine architectural and interior design firms - many of which have been recognized for their talent and vision. Why not select talent from our area to complete the interiors? Not to mention, the firm selected was from our rival city, Charlotte.

Thomas Wilkinson

Palm Harbor