Wis. teenager fatally shoots his principal

Published September 30, 2006

CAZENOVIA, Wis. - A teenager who pried open his family's gun cabinet brought two weapons to his rural school Friday and shot the principal to death after a struggle with adults and other students, authorities said.

Eric Hainstock, 15, was taken into custody and charged as an adult with murder, the district attorney said. No one else was hurt.

Authorities said the teen had complained about being teased by other students and decided to confront teachers and the principal using a shotgun and handgun taken from his parent's bedroom. The shooting also came one day after the principal gave him a warning for having tobacco at school, according to a criminal complaint.

Witnesses said the student walked in with the shotgun before classes began. A custodian, teachers and students wrestled with him, but he broke through, took out the handgun and shot Weston Schools principal John Klang three times, Sheriff Randy Stammen said.