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Letters to the Editor
Published October 1, 2006

Stolen success

I spent 16 years as a football coach in North Carolina. Dan Mancuso, the former St. Petersburg Catholic coach, is a common thief. Coaches develop players and then Mancuso steals them. Shame on St. Pete Catholic for tolerating Mancuso's behavior!

Fred Bauer, Largo

No, they just stink

Hey, you Buccaneer fans might be a little disheartened after an 0-3 start and some key injuries, but take heart! You've got some great young guys who are learning the ropes and you're in a tough division. The plan is just for you to wait it out a little while and you should be competitive in 2008. The organization is trying to put together a team that wins on a consistent basis, year after year. So just hang with your team and in 2008, we should definitely be competitive!

Oh wait, only Devil Rays fans have to put up with that.

Ryan McGregor, Tampa

Inaction was inhumane

What I saw from Jon Gruden on Sunday makes me ill. Jon spends every waking day of his life with Chris Simms. He should consider Chris Simms a son, like flesh and blood. When I saw the Bucs in third and goal late in the game looking to score the go-ahead touchdown I was screaming at Gruden. As the clock ran, there was Simms 15 yards from the huddle, looking down at the ground, not knowing where he was, swaying back and forth like he was about to fall over and die. And Gruden stood on the sideline with his smirk. And then the total shocker of the season: Gruden elects not to call a timeout. Sometimes life is bigger than sports, Jon.

Jeff Mills, Tampa