Truckers like Florida rest stops

Published October 2, 2006

For the second consecutive year, Florida's roadside rest stops are rated tops in the country.

That's according to a survey of Atlas Van Lines long-haul truck drivers who gave the Sunshine State a slight edge (25 to 24 percent) over second-place Ohio.

The annual survey also revealed some quirks and debunks some myths about life moving furniture out on the interstate.

More Atlas drivers communicate by cell phone than CB radio (99 percent to 62 percent). Many of them are online daily (38 percent) and 47 percent carry a laptop in the cab. Their most popular hotel chain is Super 8 (22 percent). Pay satellite radio is the entertainment of choice (43 percent). Their fast-food choice is Subway (32 percent). For heartburn, they prefer Tums over Rolaids (21 to 19 percent).

Two stretches of Interstate 10 were rated among the four most boring drives in the country.

Texas was the worst. Arizona was second worst. But at least I-10 in Texas was rated the safest, just ahead of I-10 in Florida.