To stop her wedding, parents kidnap daughter

Lemuel and Julia Redd face charges after they drove their daughter from Utah to Colorado so she couldn't get married.

Published October 5, 2006

SALT LAKE CITY - The parents of a bride-to-be told their daughter they were taking her on a shopping trip, but then drove to Colorado and kept her there until she missed the nuptials, officials said.

Lemuel and Julia Redd have been charged with second-degree felony kidnapping. Utah County Attorney Kay Bryson said Tuesday he met with the couple's daughter, Julianna, and her now-husband, Perry Myers, before charging the parents.

"I've never had a case quite like this," Bryson said. "It is strange that parents would go to that extent to keep an adult daughter from marrying the man that she had chosen to marry."

The Redds told their 21-year-old daughter they were taking her on a shopping trip Aug. 4 and then drove 240 miles from Provo to Grand Junction, Colo., said Provo police Capt. Rick Healey.

Myers, 23, called police when his bride didn't attend a pre-wedding dinner with his parents that night.

The Redds spent the night in Colorado and drove back to Provo, about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, the next day, Healey said. They arrived after the young couple was supposed to have been married in a ceremony that day at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple in Salt Lake City.

The couple, both students at Brigham Young University, were married in the temple on Aug. 8, Myers said. They are expecting their first child in May.

The Redds didn't want their daughter to get married, but the bride has been reluctant to say what happened on the drive.

"I was totally confused and manipulated," Julianna Myers told KTVX-TV of Salt Lake City.

She said she supports the charges and hopes her parents get help.

"They had their concerns, their reasoning," she said. "Honestly I don't understand. It had nothing to do with Perry."

Myers said he and his wife are not discussing details of the car ride but said her parents' objections were not about him.

"It really has nothing to do a lot with me. It really is some issues with the family," he said.

Bryson said after reviewing the police investigation it was clear a crime was committed. Charges were filed Friday.

Lemuel, 59, and Julia Redd, 56, are scheduled to make an initial court appearance Oct. 26. If convicted, the Redds could face one to 15 years in prison.

A call made to a listing for Lemuel H. Redd at the address in Monticello, Utah, listed in court documents went unanswered Tuesday.

No attorney for the Redds is listed in court documents and it couldn't immediately be determined if they had legal representation.