Angellino's management makes statement

For the first time since the jury's not-guilty verdict in the case of a customer, Ralph Paul, who did not pay his bill, the management of Angellino's restaurant speaks out in a written statement sent to the Times.

By Angellino's management
Published October 6, 2006

Statement from Angellino’s management regarding Ralph Paul:

The irony in this case is that Angellino’s is known for very generous portions and most of our customers cannot finish their entree in one sitting. Like most restaurants, Angellino’s policy is to deduct the cost of a meal from a bill if the customer is not satisfied for any reason and the customer does not eat the meal.

In Mr. Paul’s case, he complimented the quality of the food, ate all of the seafood, some of the pasta and most of the vegetables he was served. He was also very abrasive and belligerent to our server to the point that he brought her to tears.

At the time, Angellino’s felt that Mr. Paul’s actions warranted a report to the police. Even though we requested that the State Attorney not pursue prosecution, we greatly appreciate the efforts of the State Attorney to protect the interests of small businesses like ours.

We also appreciate the huge support we have received from both our customers and dozens of our competitors. Angellino’s is naturally disappointed with the jury’s verdict, but we are even more disappointed that Mr. Paul was not satisfied with his last dining experience with us. We regret that this incident occurred, and going forward we intend to do whatever is necessary to satisfy our customers.