Face off

Published October 8, 2006

Was the five-game suspension of Titans tackle Albert Haynesworth, who intentionally stomped on an opponent's head (the injury required 30 stitches), the proper punishment?

Wrong message sent

What kind of example is this behavior and the subsequent punishment setting for our children of today who struggle to understand the concept of sportsmanship? This punishment simply tells the kids it is okay to act like this, just make sure you have enough savings in the bank before you do so. The NFL is supposed to be a professional venue. Haynesworth's actions were unprofessional, unethical and immoral, thus he should no longer be considered a part of the NFL.

Cheryl Shepherd, 45

Pinellas Park

file criminal charges

Albert Haynesworth should be permanently banned from the NFL and be criminally prosecuted for aggravated battery.

Marshall Reissman, 51

St. Petersburg

No, he didn't deserve that many: 8 votes

No, five games are not enough:

301 votes

Yes, five games is fair:

86 votes