Sound off

Published October 8, 2006

Rays should get other Joe

The Rays should sign Joe Girardi, above, immediately to replace Joe Maddon. He knows pitching, dealing with a small payroll and most important, winning. Maddon is a nice guy but not a major-league manager.

Jack McCorkle,

via e-mail

Missing sweet Lou

Please ask the Rays to send a letter of apology to Lou Piniella. 101 losses, pathetic. Lou may not have done any better had he been retained, but a least we would have gotten in a few good temper tantrums to medicate against the pain of another losing season.

Tom Keene,

Huntsville, Ala.

Keep Rays in AL East

Re: This country club's too exclu-sive, Wednesday:

I am afraid John Romano has the tail wagging the dog. I have been at the Trop when the Yankees and Red Sox are playing the Rays. I have been there when they play other teams, when the beer salesmen sometimes outnumber the paying fans. As dismal as the total attendance is, without the Yanks and Sox, the Rays could not exist. Also remember that when the Rays go to New York and Boston, they share in the gate, usually a sellout. Add to that revenue sharing and you have a huge percentage of the Rays' income.

Warren Carson, 72,

Sun City Center