Chat session

Published October 13, 2006

igould30: Pasco has to be considered one of the best comeback stories so far.

DMurph003: Because they've won back-to-back games? Is that considered a comeback story in Pasco County?

igould30: They were 0-5. (Coach Dale) Caparaso's job was - is still - in jeopardy. Dade City turned on its team. The players could have given up. Then they were down 28-14 in the third quarter to Wesley Chapel ...

DMurph003: Wait let me guess. ...The Garbage Picking, Field-Goal Kicking, Philadelphia Phenomenon came on and saved the day

igould30: They scored three unanswered touchdowns and head into (Thursday's) game with a head of steam.

DMurph003: Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

DMurph003: Look, all I know is that a win over a Hudson team that has lost six straight games and a win over a Wesley Chapel team that had lost three of its last four isn't exactly worthy of a Disney screenplay

DMurph003: Look at where Nature Coast was heading into the season

igould30: Let me have it ...

DMurph003: In 2004, they won three games playing a JV schedule. Last year, they won two games. Five of their eight losses last year were by double digits. But this year, they knock off a Springstead team that has dominated the county the past few years, and they do it in dramatic fashion, scoring a touchdown with three seconds left. They record their first two district wins in school history.

igould30: They beat Springstead (3-3), Crystal River (1-6), Lecanto (0-6) and Kissimmee Poinciana (0-6). ...Why don't they just schedule West Hernando Middle School?

igould30: Their best win was against the Villages. ...by one point. Pasco could beat a team full of AARP members, too.

DMurph003: Hey, their golf carts were intimidating. ...

DMurph003: Seriously. I'm glad you brought their schedule up. Last year, Nature Coast was either losing to, or struggling to beat, teams like Lecanto and Crystal River and Poinciana. Case in point: Last year, Nature Coast lost to Lecanto and barely beat Poinciana. This year, they've beaten both teams by a combined 141-7.

DMurph003: Let that sink in: 141-7

DMurph003: That's like me and you facing each other in a battle of the wits.

DMurph003: Nature Coast has given up more than one touchdown in a game just once since its season opener. It has allowed 17 points in its past three games

DMurph003: I'm not calling them world beaters, but it's a great story

igould30: Each one of Pasco's losses - except Mitchell - was to a team still in the playoff hunt. Then the Pirates beat Hudson, which went to the region final last season, and came from two touchdowns down to beat rival Wesley Chapel.

igould30: The Gulf win would put'em in the playoffs ...and I know you've knocked the playoff system in the past, but even a loss to Gulf wouldn't knock the Pirates out. Bottom line: They win and they're in.

igould30: I challenge you to find a dog game on their schedule. ...

igould30: I'd love to see how NCT would do against LOL, WC, Ridgewood, Gulf, undefeated ZHills ...or even PASCO!

igould30: Booyah! You got served!

DMurph003: I believe boo-yah is hyphenated.

Igould30: Thanks. Gould. Boo-yah!

DMurph003: Murphy out.

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