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Letters to the Editor
Published October 13, 2006

As a new (four-year) resident of High Point, I have been astounded by the strong-arm tactics of Hernando County commissioners concerning the High Point Volunteer Fire Department.

I was a municipal police officer for 16 years, elected borough official for 18 years and a volunteer firefighter and fire police officer for more than 45 years. I think this qualifies me to make these observations.

1. The actions of some commissioners borders on harassment and age discrimination, both provable by published comments.

2. All criteria "demanded" by county officials have been met or surpassed.

3. High Point personnel are not only qualified as firefighters and first responders, but they truly care about their community.

4. County commissioners are constantly twisting facts and figures to present their case. They change with each tide.

5. Commissioners occasionally say they are "concerned for the safety of High Point residents," when they are really concerned about the approximate $300,000 in income High Point could generate for the county.

6. High Point volunteer firefighters and first responders have very high quality equipment and training and great resources; the safety of the community is not an issue!

It is time for commissioners to quit insinuating High Point residents are unable to make sound decisions and judgments concerning their safety.

There are many needs in this county that demand the attention and time of our commissioners; High Point is not one of them!

After listening to and reading all of the rhetoric from both factions, it is very apparent that generating additional income for the county, and not concern for the community, is the overriding issue here.

Hernando commissioners, please direct your efforts to issues that are needed and meaningful, not politically inspired.

James Woolcock, High Point

In story on High Point accident, Times left out crucial details

Re: High Point rescuers hit again, Oct. 7 Times:

I hope the lady who was removed from the overturned car is okay. The writer of the story didn't let us in on that.

Also, the writer suddenly mentioned "Nickerson," without telling us who he or she was. I know nothing about getting someone out of an overturned car, but who is Nickerson?

John Albert, Spring Hill

Editor's note: That would be Hernando County Fire Rescue Chief Mike Nickerson. Sorry for the omission.

Brown-Waite has shown she doesn't merit our support on Election Day

Re: Leader is conflicted over war in Iraq, Oct. 8 column by Greg Hamilton:

Election time must be near. U.S. Rep. Virginia Brown-Waite, the consummate chicken-hawk squawker, is pretending to change her goose-stepping, hard-line support of the debacle in Iraq. She has, until last week, been a bobble-headed supporter of every disastrous decision this administration has made.

She has supported every attempt of President Bush and his Congress to weaken the Constitution and to give unprecedented and illegal powers of control to the executive branch of this government. She has sent numerous letters spouting her support of the invasion of Iraq and of her unwavering support of the decisions and preposterous rationale to continue the occupation of Iraq. She has supported the tenets of torture instituted by the administration. She has supported the illegal and immoral detention of "suspects" who have no known or substantiated link to any terrorist organization. She called for the removal of the buried bodies of military warriors buried in France because that country's government refused to buy the lies of weapons of mass destruction used to start the invasion. She has vented her vein-popping anger and disdain for those of us in this voting district who disagree with these actions and policies by saying we have "9/11 amnesia" - as though 9/11 had something to do with Iraq.

Now she pretends to change her position. She throws cliches around to indicate how much she supports the troops while doing nothing to stop the carnage they endure. She claims to support veterans by handing out World War II medals rather than trying to stop the flow of broken bodies into military hospitals. Brown-Waite is doing nothing more than any political hack would do - she is now fighting for her political life by saying anything and doing nothing.

Brown-Waite deserves neither the respect nor support of voters who support freedom; from voters who support the Constitution of the United States; from voters who value human life, and voters who demand truth from and in our government.

Bob Dodd, Dade City