Daily fishing report

Published October 14, 2006

A cold front and poor visibility close to shore likely will keep many divers off gulf waters this weekend, but the northeast winds and lack of water clarity won't deter many stone crabbers from enjoying the opening of the season this Sunday. Another good way to get wet in super-clear water without much concern for weather is to dive one of Florida's freshwater springs. Here are two links with information on new equipment and diving tips: www.floridasprings.net and www.floridadep.com/springs.

This weekend I'll use some of the down time to do maintenance and modification to my underwater photography and video equipment. My new digital video camera operates on the LANC jack in my old analogue housing, but it will require remounting to properly line up with the dome port. Installing a new housing door clamp on my digital still camera will get it back in action as well.

Dive safety equipment has come along way in the last year. There are now many new pony tank breathing systems that easily configure to conventional scuba gear. They come in more sizes than ever to meet the needs of casual or serious divers. Deployable signal marker buoys (SMB) are now standard requirements for all dive masters and instructors, and I see many sport divers also buying the new marker tubes with attached line reels that come in an easy-to-mount pouch.

Chad Carney teaches diving and spearfishing in the Tampa Bay area. Call 727-423-7775 or visit www.mobilescuba.com.