More flu shots will be on hand this year

Published October 14, 2006

Remember that flu vaccine shortage last year? That was then; this is now: Flu shots are starting to be offered around Tampa Bay, and health officials don't expect the long lines and supply problems of recent years.

In fact, federal officials expect to have more than 100-million shots available across the United States. That's 17-million more than have ever been produced in a single flu season. The Pinellas County Health Department will offer shots beginning Monday, and Hillsborough County expects to start Oct. 30. Check with your doctor, or go online to www.findaflushot.com to find a clinic.

Health officials especially recommend flu shots for certain groups: people over 50; residents and staffers of long-term care facilities; people with chronic medical conditions and their families; children 6 months to 5 years old and their families and caregivers; pregnant women; health care workers; and caregivers and families of babies under 6 months old.