Got a minute?: Jamie Joyner

Published October 20, 2006

How is Crystal River this year compared to last?

Crystal River had a lot more ability than we thought they would have. The difference between last year and this year is Coach Paradiso has them playing hard. They're not going to give up. I see them buying into whatever he's telling them.


What do you think of their quarterback, Shay Newcomer?

He manages the game well. He doesn't try to focus on too many things, and he makes pretty good decisions.


Anyone else that gave you trouble?

A lineman, No. 55. I don't know his name (Kyle Roddenberry). He's pretty impressive with the way he played. He was hard to handle on both sides of the ball. We do a lot of talking on the sidelines, and No. 55 kept coming up.


What do you think of Citrus' new starting quarterback, Bradley Paul?

He plays well in the offense, the same way Shay does. He's not going to force anything. Neither one is a running threat. But I'm impressed. They're high school players, especially the way they handled themselves when we tried to flush them out. Our QB (Josh Ortiz) starts to run as soon as he gets pressured. He doesn't have the poise of those guys.


What's the biggest strength and weakness of Citrus and Crystal River?

Citrus, they're pretty aggressive kids. (Derek) Paquette, he's all over the place. The main thing I was impressed with is they're going to come up and pop you in the mouth. They really got after us on defense. They weren't afraid to come downhill and dig their helmet in there.

"Both seem to know where to go, you don't see a lot of blown assignments. Citrus' defense is aggressive. They strike a lot of people in the box. Crystal River's defense is good at covering the option, it's a bend-but-don't-break defense. Citrus is just going to get after it.


And the weaknesses?

For Crystal River, it's their running game. For Citrus, it's not having (Antoin) Scriven. When he's not in the offense it's a lot different. But (senior) Patrick Kruis is tough. He runs harder than Scriven but doesn't have the natural talent, the speed, but he's tough.

"Of course, you've always got to make sure the quarterback is covered. But, after that, you always want to know - offensively and defensively - where No. 2 is lined up.

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