Daily fishing report

Published October 22, 2006

What's biting: Kingfish season has officially started. Water temps have dipped to the magical 70s, fueling this long-awaited fall run. We have been hooking an endless supply of the giant macks at 40 feet. Spanish mackerel and barracuda in a variety of sizes have added to our drag-screaming runs.

Tackle: My favorite for kings is a light-tipped rod rigged with a reel that can hold a substantial amount of line. Most pros use 20-25 pound test. Five-hundred-plus yards of line should fit easily on the reel.

Beefed up gear makes retrieval easier when chasing one of these big macks.

Forty-pound wire leader with 2/0 hooks are the perfect combo for the live bait.

Hot tip: Baitfish have been abundant near the passes, filling the live wells with ease. A heavy cast net can catch a stunning amount of bait if tossed directly over the school.

Last week, 100-plus minnows in a single throw was par for our morning sessions of bait catching. This huge amount of live bait allows handfuls to be tossed behind the boat while slow trolling. The live bait chumming technique rewards anglers with numerous skyrocketing kings. These speedy mackerel can easily jump 20 feet from the water while chasing the frantic baitfish. Speeds of 30-plus mph allow the king mackerel to leap these great heights as they pursue prey. Have your camera ready for some awesome footage of the airborne gamefish.

Dave Mistretta captains the Jaws Too out of Indian Rocks Beach. Call 727 595-3276, e-mail jawstoo@msn.com or go to jawstoo.com.


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