Developments in Rolling execution

Published October 25, 2006


- Rolling had a noncontact visit with his brother, Kevin, and his spiritual adviser, Mike Hudspeth, a Pentecostal minister. Kevin Rolling's spiritual adviser, John Wallingford of Texas, was also present.

- Rolling was "calm and cooperative" throughout the day, said Robby Cunningham of the Florida Department of Corrections.

- Family members of Rolling's five victims arrived in Starke.


- Rolling will have a contact visit with his brother and spiritual adviser in the morning. After they leave, he will be given a dose of the tranquilizer Librium.

- His attorney, Baya Harrison III, said Tuesday that Rolling was not planning to eat a last meal. "He told me that food doesn't make much difference when you're going to die," Harrison said. If he changes his mind, he could request specific food and nonalcoholic drinks, but the meal must cost $40 or less, be available at the institution and be approved by the prison's food service director.

- At 2 p.m., Rolling will take a shower under the supervision of the chief of security. He will be given black trousers, a long-sleeved white shirt, white socks and black lace-up shoes and will be taken back to the cell.

- About 4 p.m., a member of the execution team will explain the lethal injection procedure to Rolling. He will be offered a sedative.

- At 5 p.m., the execution team will make sure all of the telephones work inside the execution chamber.

- At 5:30 p.m., family members, official witnesses and the media will be escorted into the viewing area of the execution chamber. Usually, there are 12 media witnesses and 12 other witnesses. DOC officials expect more people because there are so many family members.

- A member of the execution team calls the governor's office. The telephone line remains open during the execution.

- Rolling will be escorted from his cell without his shoes and strapped onto a gurney with a 5-inch-thick foam mattress.

- Shortly before 6 p.m., if no stay of execution is issued by a court or the governor, Rolling will have the opportunity to make a final statement.

- At 6 p.m., medical personnel will give Rolling a mixture of sodium pentothal, pancuronium bromide, potassium chloride and saline in an IV. Approximately 10 minutes after the drugs are administered, a doctor and a medical assistant will listen to his heart with a stethoscope. If they hear nothing, they will pronounce him dead and pull a sheet over his face.