State homes to get cash for storms

Published October 27, 2006

TALLAHASSEE - Florida will get more than $100-million from the federal government to help bolster houses against hurricane winds.

The money from the Housing and Urban Development Department is Florida's share of a national block grant program aimed at helping coastal states recover from recent hurricanes.

"Fortifying Florida is essential for instilling a culture of preparedness," Gov. Jeb Bush said Wednesday. "We want to help Floridians harden their homes against potential damage, which is an investment that can save them money on their annual insurance premium and spare them the anguish of losing their home during a natural disaster."

State officials haven't finalized plans for how the money will be distributed. But it likely will go through the My Safe Florida Home program, under which the state helps people get assessments of their home's sturdiness, and grants to help them make improvements.