Daily fishing report

By Robert Gorta
Published October 31, 2006

What's hot: Redfish and trout in shallow water are starting to pick up. While the offshore guides are welcoming the cooler water temperatures, seeking toothy macks, I am looking forward to the water clearing in the bay area. Algae starts to die off, leaving the water extremely clear. Redfish and trout become more aggressive toward artificial lures in cooler water.

Tactics: Extreme low tides mixed with strong winds from the northeast after a passing cold front is a great time to fish. Water gets pushed off the flat, leaving fish on the sandy edges. When reds are over sand, you can work a jig more effectively, not picking up any grass. Stealth becomes the biggest factor when seeking reds and trout in clear water. Push poling is a must in shallow water. The tides are so low, sometimes trolling motors will not work.

Gear: Seven-foot graphite rods with a small spinning reel loading with 10-pound braided line works well with casting jigs. A long spinning rod with braided line leads to long casts, which is needed when casting in clear water. Soft plastic tails that I like to use are Strike King 4-inch glass minnows, Cotee motor oil grub tails and Bass Assassin 5-inch jerk shads. Those tails cover a broad spectrum, from shrimp imitations to eels. I use a quarter-ounce lead head jig with a wide gap hook, ensuring easy hookups.

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