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Published November 5, 2006

Rate increase requests

State Farm Florida

Request: 85 percent on May 12

Approved: 52.7 percent on July 18

Allstate Floridian

Request: 22.5 percent on Aug. 30, amended filing due Monday.


Request: 40 percent on Aug. 10, notice of intent to deny issued Thursday

Nationwide Insurance Co. of Florida

Request: 71.5 percent on July 6, notice of intent to deny issued on Oct. 18

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Co.

Request: 10.3 percent on May 8

Approved: 10.3 percent on Oct. 9

Second request: 17.2 percent on Oct. 7, pending approval

Citizens Property*

Homeowners PLA (Personal Lines)

Request: 13.3 percent on Dec. 1

Approved: 13.3 percent on May 19

Second request: 20.4 percent on Dec. 29

Approved: 12 percent on Oct. 4

Homeowners HRA (Wind-only)

Request: 16.4 percent on Dec. 6

Approved: 16.4 percent on Oct. 3

Second request: 44.9 percent on Dec. 28

Approved: 21.4 percent on Oct. 4

* Citizens rate filings are divided between personal-lines policies for homeowners and wind-only policies in a separate high-risk account.

Source: Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

Using computer models to forecast hurricane damage, every large property insurer in Florida has filed with the state and, to some extent, received approval to implement double-digit rate increases this year. Here are their recent requests and those for state-run Citizens Property Insurance.