Money panel

Published November 5, 2006

Paul Bolognese, 64, retired, Inverness 

How did you get started in investing?

I started out as a bank teller in 1980 with a 401(k), that type of thing, and worked my way up.

What is your best investment?

One that really worked out well was General Motors stock.

What is your worst investment?

Lucent Technologies.

What have you learned about investing that you think all investors should know?

Invest cautiously and don't be greedy. Dot-com companies are a great example. Be happy with half or three-fourths of a loaf of bread.

How would you describe your approach to investing?

I'm moderate. My philosophy - every five years, I review my portfolio, and every five years I move 5 percent. The older you get, you should get a little more conservative.

What do you find the most difficult about investing?

Just looking for the best buy or the best deal. Doing research is a big thing.

How are you invested?

Sixty-five percent conservative, 35 percent moderate. That's across the board - CDs, mutual funds. Individual stocks I'm out of completely. I look for good mutual funds.

What changes have you made in your investments in the past year?


Do you think now is a good time to invest?

This is almost to the point right now where you're buying high. You have to look at the trends over the past five years. Be cautious.

What is your biggest money concern?

Fighting inflation and keeping ahead of it.

What is your goal for your investing?

I just want to be comfortable and do what I want when I want.

Where do you get your investment tips?

I read the newspaper religiously. I'll pick up a Barron's or a Wall Street Journal. I watch a lot of the investor programs on TV.