Published November 13, 2006



Bucs on MNF

This is the 16th time the Bucs have been on Monday Night Football. Here are the previous results with the home team in all caps:

10/6/80: BEARS 23, Bucs 0

11/29/82: BUCS 23, Dolphins 17

12/12/83: Packers 12, BUCS 9 *

9/28/98: LIONS 27, Bucs 6

12/7/98: BUCS 24, Packers 22

12/6/99: BUCS 24, Vikings 17

10/9/00: VIKINGS 30, Bucs 23

12/18/00: BUCS 38, Rams 35

11/26/01: Bucs 24, RAMS 17

9/23/02: BUCS 26, Rams 14

12/23/02: Steelers 17, BUCS 7

9/8/03: Bucs 17, EAGLES 0

10/6/03: Colts 38, BUCS 35 *

11/24/03: BUCS 19, Giants 13

10/18/04: RAMS 28, Bucs 21

* Overtime

Note: The Bucs also played a special Saturday night edition of MNF, a 22-10 victory against the Ravens in Tampa on Dec. 29, 2001.


Why, in obvious passing downs, does Jon Gruden line up his quarterback under center and not in the shotgun? Why go with a seven-step drop when you can line up in shotgun formation and gain a second or two? The defense knows you're going to pass anyway. And with a less-than-stellar offensive line, Bruce Gradkowski needs all the time he can get.

Dave Bintz, Clearwater

What they're saying

Tampa shocked the world in back-to-back weeks - toppling the Bengals and Eagles behind the arm of Bruce Gradkowski and the legs of Cadillac Williams. But they've reverted back to their pre-Week 6 form, looking listless and ill-prepared in Sunday's loss to New Orleans. Gradkowski played well enough, tossing for 185 yards and two touchdowns. But Williams struggled, looking more like a pair of broken Rollerblades than a luxury automobile.

Peter Schrager, Fox Sports

The picks

Is Ina "The Barefoot Contessa" Garten on the Food Network Monday night? Her show would be more appetizing than this. Panthers 23-9.

Peter King, Sports Illustrated

The Panthers come off their bye week at 4-4 and need to get it going. Tampa Bay looked awful in losing to the Saints last week, and they are essentially out of the playoff race. How focused will they be? Even so, expect a tighter game here than the numbers might indicate. Panthers 20-14.

Pete Prisco, CBSportsline

After a week off to deal with that toothache of a performance (35-14 loss to the Cowboys), the Panthers return to the flat-screen Monday night against Tampa Bay in a game that, like a lot of us, looked better from a distance than it does close up. The Panthers' season hangs on (this game). Panthers 27-17.

Ron Green Jr., Charlotte Observer

Tom Jones, Times staff writer

The poll

What do the Bucs need most? In last week's poll, we asked you what the Bucs' No. 1 priority should be in the offseason. Here's what you said:

Coach: 272 votes (34 percent)

Pass rusher: 154 votes (19 percent)

Offensive line: 118 votes (15 percent)

Starting quarterback: 112 votes (14 percent)

Safety: 99 votes (12 percent)

Linebacker: 43 votes (5 percent)

Fullback: 9 votes (1 percent)

Baltimore, loss, 27-0

Record: 0-1

at Atlanta, loss, 14-3

Record: 0-2

Carolina, loss, 26-24

Record: 0-3

at New Orleans, loss, 24-21

Record: 0-4

Cincinnati, win, 14-13

Record: 1-4

Philadelphia, win, 23-21

Record: 2-4

at N.Y. Giants, loss, 17-3

Record: 2-5

New Orleans, loss, 31-14

Record: 2-6

at Carolina, 8:30 (ESPN, Ch. 28)

Sunday: Washington, 1 (Ch. 13)

Nov. 23: at Dallas, 4:15 (Ch. 13)

Dec. 3: at Pittsburgh, 1 (Ch. 13)

Dec. 10: Atlanta, 1 (Ch. 13)

Dec. 17: at Chicago, 1 (Ch. 13)

Dec. 24: at Cleveland, 1 (Ch. 13)

Dec. 31: Seattle, 1 (Ch. 13)