Florida: land of sun, fun and foreclosures

Published November 14, 2006

More signs that trouble is brewing for Florida homeowners: The number of foreclosure filings more than doubled in October compared with the same month a year ago. Foreclosures.com reported 13,281 filings in October, compared with 6,418 for the same month last year. Year-to-date filings in the Sunshine State are the second highest in the nation, running 15 percent of the same period last year. However, California remains the foreclosure king.

Deposit cash today, get credit ... today

Don't you hate it when your bank deposit slips come back stamped that the money you just put into your account won't be credited until the next business day? BankAtlantic customers no longer have to worry about a 2 p.m. cutoff for deposits. The Fort Lauderdale-based bank, which extended the cutoff to 5 p.m. last year, is now giving same-day credit up to 8 p.m. in the Tampa Bay area. The bank is open weekends and holidays, and prides itself on not keeping bankers' hours.

$10M payday may be awaiting USF

The University of South Florida in Tampa may hit the $10-million jackpot Wednesday. That's when the board of governors of the State University System is set to consider recommendations on how to divvy up $30-million for new centers of excellence at Florida's universities. Topping the list of recommendations by the Florida Technology, Research and Scholarship board is $10-million for a Center for Excellence in Biomolecular Identification and Targeted Therapeutics at USF. Smaller awards would go to Florida State, Florida Atlantic and University of Florida. USF, which wanted $10.5-million, expects that landing the state money will help seal a deal for a vaccine manufacturing facility in the area to be built by a subsidiary of Tampa's Accentia Biopharmaceuticals Inc.