Daily fishing report

Published November 20, 2006

What's hot: Redfish have been the biggest part of a great mixed bag along the North Pinellas and Pasco County coastline lately. Reds 18 to 30 inches are scattered around a variety of spots such as channel edges, docks, potholes on the flats and oyster bars. Also being caught: big speckled trout, a handful of small- to medium-sized snook, flounder, bluefish, juvenile gag grouper, ladyfish and jack crevalle.

Tactics: We make sure we secure at least 100 good-sized live scaled sardines each morning. Loading the well has been relatively easy, though many times the average size has been small. Though little ones will work, they limit casting range. They also tear off when pitched and are much more likely to be nibbled apart by pinfish. A 3- to 4-inch sardine will swim longer and attract more fish.

Tip: A common question is, "When is the best time to fish?" Each inshore spot has is peak time for action. Some are better at low tide, others only produce fish at high tide and still others are better at points in between. Most guides plan their day around a succession of stops during what they have found to be the best stage of the tide for each.

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