Most brush off dental hygiene at the office

Published December 10, 2006

More men practice healthy dental habits at the office than women, says a Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America survey of 1,000 consumers:

- Two in five men brush or floss their teeth at work after a meal or snack.

- Only 26 percent of women said they would brush their teeth at work, and 22 percent would floss.

- Nearly 90 percent of respondents said there was a strong connection between overall physical health and dental hygiene.

"It would seem obvious that anyone who is concerned about their teeth would pick up a toothbrush or some dental floss at the right time, which would be after a meal," said Dr. Richard Goren of Guardian. "But clearly the perceived social awkwardness of being seen brushing your teeth outweighs that concern."

We place blame on foreign workers

Americans are seven times more likely to blame their nation's economic challenges on cheap foreign labor rather than poorly qualified U.S. workers, says an American Council on Education poll of 1,000 registered voters:

- 85 percent of Americans think cheap labor is the bigger factor that leads companies to hire foreign workers; 12 percent cited lower skills of U.S. workers.

"I'm not alarmed by the responses we're having, but I do feel that it's not a slam dunk to try and solve the problem" of low-performing U.S. schools, said David Ward, president of the council, which represents about 1,800 colleges and educational groups. "We need to work on a better communication plan."

Time short for shipping promises

Customers have about one week left to shop online before retailers start scaling back shipping guarantees, says the eHoliday Mood Study of 76 online retailers by BizRate Research:

- 39 percent of retailers will guarantee that standard shipping orders placed by Dec. 18 or 19 will be delivered by Christmas, while 32 percent have a deadline of Dec. 15, 16 or 17.

- 43 percent of online shoppers said they typically use printed catalogs to research products and then buy items online.

- 25 percent of online retailers say their holiday sales are at least 50 percent higher than last year at this time.