Daily fishing report

Published December 10, 2006

What's hot: Breezy conditions have driven many inshore anglers into sheltered coves and creeks. Many redfish have made a similar move, from the turbid waters of the flats to more protected areas. Even when the winds whip the bay into a frothy mess, plenty of reds can be caught around docks and other structures.

Tactics: When working a series of docks, cast a few baits beneath each and let them sit for five minutes or so. If nothing bites, move on to the next. Be sure to hit all the docks, not just the bigger ones or those in the deepest water. In many cases, redfish, snook, sheepshead and even big speckled trout will congregate under a seemingly unattractive structure.

Tip: The same docks that produce fish during daylight can be great night spots if they have lights. Make a note of those that have downward-pointing lights for your next evening outing.

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