Brooksville: 150 Years

Multimedia: In their own words
[Times photos: Edmund Fountain]
“...When I was growing up everything was centered around the courthouse. Now it’s spread out all over the place.”

“There was no poverty and no wealth (during the Depression). ... That’s hard for people to concept but that’s the way it was.”

“During that time you could just go to bed and leave your door open. But now they’ll break in your house ...”

“I believe it was in 1948 that they passed the no-fence law. But up until then cattle could just run ...”
City of Brooksville

    Those who lived it tell the story
    By Michael Kruse
    The idea: talk and listen to people in their 70s, 80s and older who've been here most or all their lives.
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    These people, they are Brooksville
    By Michael Kruse
    The Times talked to some longtime Brooksville residents to mark the town's 150th anniversary. This is their story, in their words.
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